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RUMOR: The Skrulls Will Reportedly Make Their Live-Action Debut In X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX
Got that pinch of salt ready? A rumor is doing the rounds which claims that Xavier and his mutants will actually be going up against The Skrulls in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Find out more after the jump...

THE NEW MUTANTS: Get Better Acquainted With The 5 Team Members And The Actors That Play Them
The creepy first teaser trailer for Josh Boone's New Mutants movie debuted over the weekend, so we've gathered together details on each of the main characters for those that may not be familiar with them.

The Lead Villain In GAMBIT May Have Been Revealed (And It's Not Who You're Expecting)
There have been rumblings that Mr. Sinister will be Gambit's big bad but a new report points to the upcoming X-Men spinoff actually having a female lead villain. Hit the jump for what we know so far.

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Has Officially Wrapped Production; Check Out A New Behind-The-Scenes Image
X-Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg has officially announced that filming has wrapped on the next installment in the X-franchise by sharing a teasing BTS glimpse of a scene being shot. Take a look.

GAMBIT Audition Vid Finds THE VICTORIANS Actress Ali Rodney Reading For The Role Of Bella Donna Boudreaux
We recently found out that Gambit had finally been given an official release date, and now a new audition video has surfaced which sheds some light on the relationship between Remy Lebeau and Bella Donna.

Director Josh Boone Says He Wants Warlock And Karma For THE NEW MUTANTS Sequel
After today's terrifying trailer scared the pants off X-Men movie fans, director Josh Boone has revealed some of his plans for the possible future of The New Mutants franchise. More past the jump...

THE NEW MUTANTS Director Josh Boone Shares Storyboards As A New BTS Image Of The Team Is Revealed
Following the creepy first traiker for The New Mutants that debuted first thing this morning, we have new storyboards from director Josh Boone, as well as a new snap of the cast in costume. Take a look...

Terrifying First Trailer For THE NEW MUTANTS Reveals A Full On Marvel Horror Movie
As promised, Fox has kicked off Friday the 13th with the frightening first teaser trailer for The New Mutants and it's now become clear that this is going to be unlike any X-Men movie we've seen before.

GAMBIT Gets An Official Release Date; Fox's X-Men Spinoff Will Hit Theaters On Valentine's Day 2019
We recently found out that Pirates of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski had signed on to helm 20th Century Fox's Gambit movie, and now the X-Men spinoff has been given an official release date...

NEW MUTANTS Director Josh Boone Has Officially Announced That The First Teaser Will Be With Us Tomorrow
We'll all have "something new to fear" very soon, as director Josh Boone has revealed that the first official teaser trailer for his upcoming New Mutants movie will be online tomorrow. More past the jump.

Anya Taylor-Joy Talks GLASS And NEW MUTANTS; Says Fans Won't Be Disappointed By The X-MEN Spinoff
The Witch breakout Anya Taylor-Joy has a couple of big CBM-related projects in the pipeline, and in a new video interview the young actress briefly discusses both Glass and the New Mutants movie...

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING Star Scott Eastwood Wants To Become The New WOLVERINE
Scott Eastwood's star is very much on the rise after starring in Suicide Squad, The Fate of the Furious, and the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising but he now has his sights set on playing Wolverine...

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Director Gore Verbinski In Talks To Helm X-MEN Spinoff GAMBIT
After losing both Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt, it sounds like 20th Century Fox is now zeroing in on Pirates of the Caribbean helmer Gore Verbinski to helm their Channing Tatum-led X-Men spinoff Gambit!

MOTHER May Have Been A Flop But This New Jennifer Lawrence Photoshoot Most Certainly Isn't
Mother was a total box office flop despite being well-liked by critics but this sexy new photoshoot featuring X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Jennifer Lawrence will definitely bring a smile to your face...

Here's Why Fox Decided To Pass On That X-MEN TV Series Revolving Around The HELLFIRE CLUB
When Fox announced plans to bring the X-Men to the small screen, a series revolving around the Hellfire Club was said to be in the works. However, it didn't happen, and you can find out why that was here.

RUMOR: JAMES BOND Star Daniel Craig Eyed To Play The Villainous Mr. Sinister In The GAMBIT Movie
Best to take this with that ever-ready pinch of salt for now, but a new rumor suggests that 20th Century FOX is eyeing none other than Daniel Craig (James Bond, Logan Lucky) to play Mr. Sinister in Gambit.

UNBOXING: Sideshow's Dark Phoenix Premium Format Figure Is Awesome!
We decide to take a look at Sideshow's "Dark Phoenix" Premium Format Figure in our latest unboxing video. Are you an X-Men/Dark Phoenix fan? You'll definitely want to check this out!

More Evidence Points To X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Being Released As A Two-Part Movie
Following Olivia Munn's comments about X-Men: Dark Phoenix being a two-part movie, a new report has provided more evidence in regards to that being the case! Hit the jump for everything we know so far...

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX May Be A "Two-Parter" According To Psylocke Actress Olivia Munn
While she's been evasive in the past, Olivia Munn has now basically confirmed her return for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and has also seemingly revealed another major detail about the upcoming Marvel blockbuster.

Rumored Plot Outline For GAMBIT Includes Mr. Sinister And A Long List Of Fan-Favorite Mutants
A possible plot outline for Gambit has found its way online and it features some very interesting reveals about what we should expect from the movie, including the villains and supporting characters...

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